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New DIY Candy Kits To Try

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Here’s another round up of cute, fun and weird DIY candy kits I’ve spotted recently. Most are available from a few places so I’ll put all the shopping links at the end.

diy candy kits - chocolate bonsai tree

Even low-priced candy kits are getting more ambitious and I’m very intrigued by this chocolate bonsai tree! If you enjoy clay crafts, this has some similar techniques – you use moulds to create the tree shape and then add leaves with a kind of crumbled sponge cake! There’s a guide at SoraNews if you want a closer look.

diy candy kits - jelly dome

If you’re more into resin crafts, why not create an edible glitter jelly dome filled with colourful sea creatures? This Kracie kit includes lots of moulds, plus gummy powders in 6 flavours.

diy candy kits - ice cream

Popin’ Cookin’ are the masters of tiny food and the Whipped Cake Shop kit looks like lots of fun. It includes enough supplies for 2 ice cream cones, a tart and a layered pastry cake plus lots of toppings.

diy candy kits - sumikko gurashi pancakes

I’ve been making pancakes a lot this year so I got very excited when I spotted this Sumikko Gurashi Fluffy Pancake kit. Unfortunately it’s very expensive! However, you do get a lot of cute moulds to make the characters in 3 different styles and sizes, plus a mixing bowl. If you love Sumikko Gurashi, this brand (MegaHouse) also have cute kits for ice lollies, gummies and more.

diy candy kits - animal bread

Or try your hand at bread making including some super cute animal-shaped breads. This is expensive too but includes 20 rice-based recipes. It’s also really making me miss Japanese self-serve bakeries.

diy candy kits - chocolate making

If you’ve got a celebration coming up, what better than a DIY Chocolate Party kit. This includes moulds and instructions for lots of different chocolates including filled bars and cute decorations.

Where to buy DIY Candy Kits

Which of these would you like to try?

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