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New Writers Update

Posted on February 6, 2021 by

Just to update you all on what’s happening with our hunt for new writers. We had an incredible response and it was almost impossible to decide!

We did eventually pick a shortlist of 4 people and I’m really happy that Gabriel, Jen, Luna and Nova have agreed to write a couple of audition posts each over the next few weeks. These will help us decide who will join the team, and we’d love to hear what our regular readers think of these posts too so leave a comment or like their posts on social to let us know.

We decided to delay the Columnist role as Covid-19 is sticking around a lot longer than we hoped and some of the column ideas were for events and travel-related content which still have a lot of restrictions. The vast majority of our readers are in the US, UK & Europe so while it’s nice to dream about future trips to Japan and beyond, personally I find it a bit depressing seeing all these fun things when I’ve not left my local area for almost a year. Hopefully we can pick this up in the summer, when we have plans for more Japan travel content too.

I have emailed everyone who applied so if you didn’t get an email, please check your spam folder as we did choose a few extra people to keep in touch with.

Thanks again to everyone who applied!

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