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Interesting Kawaii Stickers On Etsy

Posted on January 13, 2021 by

Apparently, it’s National Sticker Day and I’ll take any excuse to look at kawaii stickers! For something different, I’ve trawled through Etsy to bring you some extra special stickers including glitter, transparent, holographic, shaker and more.

transparent kawaii stickers

I’ve see some cute transparent stickers lately but the ones by Thousand Skies (USA) are definitely my favourites. This really looks like it’s full of water! There’s more to choose from too, with cats, dogs, and even axolotls.

holographic kawaii stickers

Holographic stickers are hard to resist too – I have one on my laptop and love seeing all the rainbows when the light catches it. Make your Switch case more kawaii with a vinyl sticker by Le Chat Noir Cutisserie (EU).

kawaii stick on patches

I thought at first these were stickers made to look like they were embroidered but they’re actually stick-on patches! They’d be so cute on the cover of a notebook or planner, and you can sew them on to a jacket or bag too. These are by Milkjoy and available from a few sellers including FairyMilkBar (Canada).

kawaii shaker stickers

I try not to buy puffy and 3D stickers as it’s hard to find a good use for them, but they can be fun for crafting. These shaker stickers at KawaiiPackrat (Canada) are way too adorable, with a choice of dinosaurs or hedgehogs.

gemstone kawaii stickers

Or how about gemstone stickers for all the magical girls out there? They look so realistic! Get them from ResinPopTarte (UK).

glitter alphabet kawaii stickers

My current sticker obsession is alphabet stickers as they’re so cute for happy mail and journaling. I need to add this glitter set to my wish list, available from DuruNaru (South Korea) who have lots more Korean stationery too.

kawaii stickers

Even after 12 years of kawaii blogging, I can still be surprised by stationery and I love these long sticker strips. I know it’s just a different shape of sheet but it looks so cool, and easier to cut up and share. They’re by a Korean brand and available from a few sellers including MeowCorporation (EU).

Bande’s masking tape stickers that come on a roll, like washi tape, are still an incredible idea. Most of the designs I’ve seen so far have been flowers and nature-themed but look at these birds! Pick them up from SomedaySomeplace (Japan).

What are your favourite kind of stickers?

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    January 14, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    The bird tape is so cute! I agree with your opinion on puffy and 3d stickers- super fun, but tricky to find a place for!

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