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Kawaii Stationery Shops Review

Posted on December 9, 2020 by

I’ve tried to support my favourite small shops and artists this difficult year and recently ordered from 3 kawaii stationery shops, 2 of which were new to me. I thought it might be nice to share some photos and a mini review of each so you can see how they’re packaged and all the cute freebies included. You can click on the gallery images to see them full size

Happy DAYA (Singapore)

I’ve been eyeing up Happy DAYA‘s adorable stickers for a while now but there’s so much choice and new releases that I was too overwhelmed to make a purchase! Their big autumn sale with Christmas freebies was the push I needed to place an order and I was able to pick up lots of super cute planner stickers and foil washi tape with Halloween, galaxy, tiny shops and stay at home themes.

Kawaii Stationery Shops - Happy DAYA

These are quite small sheets but very affordable for such high quality and you get a lot of different stickers on each sheet including repeats so you can use some and keep some.

Everything was packaged so cutely too and it was so nice to look though it all. For this special offer period, all the Christmas designs were freebies, plus the thin washi tape set too – so generous. There’s always freebies available so I’m sure I’ll be back. Happy DAYA is temporarily closed but follow on Instagram to find out about upcoming releases.

Whimsicute (Philippines)

I’ve been a fan of Chichi’s art for so long and when she recently opened a proper Whimsicute web shop I knew I had to finally grab some stickers.

Kawaii Stationery Shops - Whimsicute

I’m really into alphabet stickers and sticky note boxes at the moment and these are all so fun and colourful. I also couldn’t resist some of the Animal Crossing inspired forest designs.

This all came cutely packaged too and included lots of freebie stickers. There’s new designs being added regularly so I’m sure there will be something to tempt you.

Rainbowholic Patreon Shop (Japan)

If you love Japanese stationery you really need to join the Rainbowholic Patreon! Even $1 a month gets you access to the exclusive shop with new and seasonal stationery and other fun products from both big brands – like Sanrio, San-X and Nintendo – and smaller artists, plus Rainbowholic exclusive designs.

Kawaii Stationery Shops - Rainbowholic

This is 2 separate orders I placed this year to get add to my sticker collection with Halloween, alphabet and bunnies! I also picked up some more washi tape with Pokemon and Kaila’s own autumn forest design.

Even if you only order a few items like me, they come in a cute package with a little bag of extra stickers, memos etc. If you join the Rainbowholic Patreon I recommend spending a little more for the Matcha tier as you get printables and often a postcard in the mail too.

Bonus! Kawaii Panda (EU)

Kawaii Panda are currently celebrating their 5th anniversary with their first original stationery collection and Sandra kindly sent some over for me.

Kawaii Stationery Shops - Kawaii Panda

The collection consists of a notepad, sticker sheets and sticker flakes, all featuring the company’s Pandora, Puchi & Sakura mascots. Everything is really nice quality and will be great for cheering up my happy mail to friends.

Kawaii Stationery Shops - Kawaii Panda

Like all Kawaii Panda orders, it was beautifully wrapped with a ribbon and personal note. The shop stocks lots of big kawaii brands and characters too so go have a look and don’t forget to use the code SCK10OFF for 10% off everything in store (excluding boxes and bundles).

This is not a sponsored review, though the Kawaii Panda stationery was gifted. While I know some of these shop owners personally, I didn’t get any special treatment or extra discounts. All words and photos are my own.

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