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Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

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It’s that time again and we’ve got a review of the Fall Pusheen Box! It had a constellation theme with fun items to light up dark nights. Here’s a look at what was inside and my top 5 items. 

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Shipping was a bit slow for this box, understandably, and it arrived in late November. This is my favourite box design yet, as it’s a shiny blue with gold Pusheen and even has constellations printed inside. The vinyl figure is the biggest one yet with Pusheen sitting on the moon. Being a huge space fan, I was excited to see what else was inside.

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

There were 9 items in the Fall 2020 Pusheen Box: velour hoodie, sleep mask, star projector, satin pillow case set, coaster set, clock, trinket jar, wall hanging and vinyl figure. Let’s have a closer look at my favourite items.

Star Projector

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review
Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

This has to be one of my favourite Pusheen Box item ever! It’s a night light that projects a cute Pusheen design and has both static and moving options. I’d been warned by the team that some subscribers were having trouble with their light but mine worked perfectly straight out of the box. If you do have any problems with yours, contact customer service as they have some fixes.

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

It’s a little bit plasticky looking in daytime but at night it’s so cool! I really felt quite excited seeing a big Pusheen on the ceiling! How well it works will depend on your room and placement. I live in an old building with fancy detailing on the walls so that does interrupt the design a bit. This is really something for kids but I love it and can imagine turning it on in the middle of the night if I can’t sleep. Fun for parties too – when we get to have those again.

DIY Wall Hanging

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Whenever I get a box survey, I always ask for craft kits so I was happy to see something with a DIY element. It’s nothing too complicated though. You get a wooden rod, gold string and a sheet with shiny stars and Pusheen. It’s really as simple as threading the string through all the holes and tying knots. I did find it quite fiddly though and not really that fun, plus the instructions are a bit basic. You have to figure out which length of string to use for each piece to get a balanced design so I definitely recommend laying it out first before you commit to anything.

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The finished wall hanging is nice and shiny but the gold card is so light that it doesn’t hang very well. This would have been so much better as a 3D mobile where the pieces are designed to rotate. I’ve put it up in my hall anyway for a bit more shiny festive decor.

Velour Hooded Sweatshirt

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The clothing items are definitely getting better for me. I wear the t-shirt from the Summer Box all the time and this hoodie is a good fit too. It’s made of a velvety velour fabric, which feels quite luxurious and cosy, and it even has pockets!

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The gold cosmic print is impressively shiny and quite sophisticated so you could wear this almost anywhere. I’m not sure how well it will hold up to regular washing as the tag has quite a lot of warnings but I guess we’ll find out!

Coaster Set

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I wouldn’t normally get excited about coasters but these are really nice. You get four different designs that are also on other items in the box and they all have the nice gold and blue colour scheme. They’re decent quality and are coated on top so you can wipe them clean. They suit my decor much better than my current coasters so I’m already using these.

Bedside Clock

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I was a bit torn for my final pick but I haven’t properly used the sleep mask or pillow cases yet so let’s go with the clock as that was an unexpected item. It has a zodiac design with a Pusheen-themed illustration for each hour. It feels nice and solid and it’s easy to set the time and alarm. Now that we all have phones nearby, there’s maybe not a lot of use for an analogue clock but it makes a nice ornament too.

Final Thoughts

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I was extremely hyped for this theme and then a bit disappointed when I saw the contents but spending some time trying them out for photos changed my mind and they’re mostly good quality useful items. I still wish there was more of a mix of designs rather than the same motifs and colours on everything but I do like these colours. It would also be nice to see more of the wood and glass from the Spring Box instead of everything from plastic. But overall, it’s a nice mix of items that actually works better arriving late as the nights are darker with clearer skies.

Subscribe Now for the Winter Pusheen Box!

Pusheen Box winter 2020

This box sold out very fast but the Winter 2020 Pusheen Box is shipping already! It has a 10 year anniversary theme and you can even still get it in time for Christmas if you use the Express shipping option. Check out Pusheen Box on Instagram and Facebook to see some sneak peeks.

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. Customs fees for this box were the lowest yet at £14.53.

Fall 2020 Pusheen Box Review

There was also a mix up this time and we received two boxes (and had to pay 2 sets of customs fees…) so we’ll be giving away a few items over the holidays. If you missed out on this box, make sure to follow @sckawaii on Instagram.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are our own)

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