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Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins

Posted on October 5, 2020 by

I’ve kind of stopped collecting enamel pins but Halloween enamel pins are a different matter!. There were so many to choose from but I’ve managed to pick out 10 that I would love to own.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins - ghost sprout

This Sprout Ghostie by Yume Moon Studio (EU) has such a cool look with a clear epoxy coat and a little bit of glitter. It’s available in pink too.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins - ghost dog

Also very cool is the Ghost Shiba pin by Appleminte (USA) who has a little dangling pumpkin lantern on a chain.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins - scaredy cat

If you’re a bit of a scaredy cat about Halloween, SugarnovaShop (USA) has you covered! I would give it all my candy. Check out their cute ghost pins too.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins - pumpkin bear

Or hang out carving pumpkins with Boris the Bear – he’s just one of the kawaii Halloween designs at Trendy Not (Canada)

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins - poison apple

Long time readers will remember Cute Creations and I was happy to discover Kate’s kawaii characters are back at new shop Xintu (UK). There’s a whole Halloween pin collection including a shiny poison apple.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins - ghost candy

This little Candy Ghost by Vivaiolet (EU) is the perfect spooky sweet friend to hang out on your coat – and may have wandered into my shopping cart…

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins

I’ll finish off with some sets that were too cute to pick a favourite. Rainbow and Halloween is such a kawaii combination and witchvisions (USA) has nailed it. The purple outlines are such a nice touch.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins

I love a mini pin and tobi2moodring has a super cute Halloween set with ghosts, pumpkin, panda witch and more.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins

These Halloween Candies by GLITCHBAT (USA) have a great combo of pastel colours and neon orange eyes.

Kawaii Halloween Enamel Pins

And finally, a witchy tea party of spooky treats by uglyplants (USA). I’d have to try the bat cupcake.

There’s so many more kawaii Halloween enamel pins on Etsy so go have a browse, if you dare!

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