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More Cute DIY Candy Kits To Make

Posted on September 7, 2020 by

I mentioned in the August video post that I’m out of touch with DIY candy kits so I had a look around to see what’s been happening. If you’re new to this trend, they’re little kits to make tiny edible food and have clever packaging that turns into moulds, microwaveable dishes and display items. There’s a few reviews in our archives and you can usually find videos of every kit on Youtube if you want to see how it’s made. A shopping guide is at the end.

Popin Cookin DIY Candy Kits

If I was going to pick one to try myself it would be the Popin’ Cookin’ Sweets Party as you get lots of different things to make. There’s 2 cakes, 2 fruit tarts and a jelly.

DIY Candy Kits

If you’ve ever visited a Japanese Zen Garden, now you can create a tiny edible version! This is a very unexpected theme but lets you be a bit more creative with decoration. There’s 2 options with either rocks or a pond – both are made of chocolate and sit in candy powder sand that you can rake into patterns.

Popin Cookin DIY Candy Kits

For something easier try some Fluffy Pancakes that look like a bunny and panda. This looks pretty simple and probably tastes better than the more complicated kits.

DIY Candy Kits

Do you like Kinoko no Yama – the chocolate and biscuit mushrooms from Japan? They’ve created a DIY version with 3 flavours of chocolate and moulds for the different mushroom shapes.

Popin Cookin DIY Candy Kits

If you enjoy polymer clay crafts, you should try your hand at candy clay. You can mould and shape it in exactly the same way – and then eat it! It could be a good option for beginners to clay too as if it all goes badly, at least you can eat the evidence.

DIY Candy Kits

And for something super weird, this Noby Noby Noby Stretching Creature is a bit like edible slime. I don’t like the idea of this at all but I’m sure it would be hilarious with friends.

Where to buy DIY Candy Kits

Here are a few shops that have a good range of candy kits in stock. You can also search for the kit name above or brands like Popin’ Cookin’.

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