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The Super Cute Book of Kawaii Free Wallpapers

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As I mentioned on Saturday, our first book, The Super Cute Book of Kawaii, was published one year ago by Pop Press/Penguin! With everything going on, we weren’t sure how best to celebrate but we’ve put together some fun freebies and DIYs that we’ll share throughout the week (with some normal posts too).

The Super Cute Book of Kawaii

I’d also like to thank everyone who has bought a copy, and all the lovely people who contributed to the book or helped promote it. It really was a dream project to work on and I couldn’t be prouder of the finished book. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, it’s available worldwide as a print book (with squishy cover!) or ebook, or you can order a signed copy (or signed bookplate) direct from me with an exclusive bookmark

Super Cute Kawaii Mascots Wallpapers Set
Super Cute Kawaii Mascots Wallpapers Set

To start off the week, I’ve made some free wallpapers that you can use for phones and tablets. The first set features the SCK animal mascots who pop up throughout the book to offer tips. Download from Ko-Fi (and consider adding a donation to support SCK).

Kawaii Fashion Wallpapers Set
Kawaii Fashion Wallpapers Set

The second set are Kawaii Fashion wallpapers. These illustrations were for the quiz to find out if your style is more Colourful Rainbow, Pastel Fairy, Creepy Cute or Mori Girl. I had a lot of fun looking at street style photos to create these looks. This was my first time drawing digitally in this style (using Procreate on iPad) and I’m still really pleased with how they turned out. Download from Ko-Fi (and consider adding a donation to support SCK).

I hope you like them, and would love to hear which one is your favourite.

PS. If you enjoyed the book, it would be amazing if you could leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Sadly we still have no reviews at all on Amazon and they really do help, both with getting Amazon to show the book to shoppers and with convincing people to buy. Thanks so much!

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