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Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

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If last year’s Spring Pusheen Box was all about getting active, this year’s is all about relaxing at home. It couldn’t be a more perfect theme for these weird times! Here’s a look at what was inside and my top 5 items. 

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The box had some production delays but got here pretty quickly after shipping in late May. There’s a botanical theme with flowers and leaves covering the box and an amazing houseplant vinyl figure with removable Pusheen.

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

There were 8 items in the Spring 2020 Pusheen Box: silky robe, tea infuser bottle, heating pad, incense holder dish, multi-use tray, mini wall tapestry, How I Feel notepad and vinyl figure. The heating pad is not in the photo as sadly it was missing from my box – more on that later. I had imagined the botanical theme would mean plants and outdoors but it’s more of a beauty spa theme for self care. Let’s have a closer look at my favourite items.

Silky Robe

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review
Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

I was very excited about this as it’s so different from the usual clothing items. Instead of a big image of Pusheen and/or slogan, it’s a pretty repeat pattern in natural colours. While not real silk, it feels really fancy and it’s light enough to wear through the summer for lounging at home or for a beach cover up. It even has pockets!

Tea Infuser Bottle

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

Another fancy item that’s a step up from a plastic water bottle as it’s made of glass with a cute Pusheen print. It’s suitable for both hot and cold drinks and has a removable infuser so you can steep loose tea, herbs or fruit. It’s also double walled so it doesn’t get too hot to touch and should keep drinks hot or cold for a while. I think I’d be too scared to take this outside in case I smashed it but it does have a tight screw-top lid. I’ll keep mine in the fridge for home use instead.

Multi-Use Wooden Tray

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

This is a great item for a subscription box as everyone will find a use for it. You could use it for snack time, keeping a craft project in one place, storage on a desk/dressing table or even for gardening if you have a porch or balcony. It’s not the best quality wood but it’s light and sturdy with carry handles and a good size.

Incense Holder Dish

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

The problem with doing a home spa theme is that beauty products and scents are so personal that it would be very difficult to find something the majority of subscribers would use. This incense holder is a clever solution as you can choose your own incense sticks to add to your relaxing vibe. And if you’re like me and dislike strong scents, you can use it as a trinket dish instead.

How I Feel Notepad

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

This is such a sweet item that’s so perfect for our current anxious times. It’s important not to bottle things up, and writing out your feelings and worries can really help. There’s some emotions to choose from and space for you write more and make some goals or plans. It’s great that Pusheen Box adding positive helpful items like these and nice to see Sloth getting his own product.

Final Thoughts

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box Review

This is definitely my favourite box so far as I love plants and flowers and the patterns and colours are so pretty. It also has quite a grown up feel with higher quality materials and items that feel like useful treats and not just fun novelties. The only item I wouldn’t use is the mini wall tapestry as it is very mini but it’s still a nice piece of fabric for photo backdrops, as above. I also really appreciate the focus on self care – even though this theme must have been planned a long time ago, it’s just what I needed.

Getting Help From Pusheen Box

As I mentioned, one of the items was missing from my box. With so many packages to ship and products to organise, there’s always going to be the occasional problem, whether it’s a missing or broken item, or a lost/delayed package. If you ever have a problem like this, just contact customer support through the Pusheen Box site and they’ll be happy to help you out. Here’s the advice for replacements, exchanges & return.

Subscribe Now for the Summer Pusheen Box!

summer 2020 pusheen box

Subscriptions are now open for the Summer 2020 Pusheen Box, which ships in mid-July and has a camping theme! You can follow Pusheen Box on Instagram and Facebook to find out more and see the first sneak peek.

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. Customs fees for the spring box were £18.

If you got the Pusheen Box this time, what was your favourite item? And if you missed out, have a look at the new Botanical collection at The Pusheen Shop.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are our own)

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