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Kawaii Jigsaw Puzzles

Posted on May 4, 2020 by

Everyone is going crazy for jigsaw puzzles at the moment – if you’re looking for a new one, there’s plenty kawaii designs available, including some very fun formats. Puzzles are selling out fast everywhere so I’ll give you a few options and you can search further with the brand name, or save for later when demand is lower. AmiAmi (Japan) also have a great selection, updated regularly.

Kawaii Jigsaw Puzzles - Ghibli stained glass

I started planning this post when I came across the Frost Art Crystal Jigsaw Puzzles from Ensky at Plaza Japan (ships worldwide). They’re made from a clear plastic so the finished piece looks like stained glass. There’s some really pretty Studio Ghibli designs along with Pokemon and anime like One Piece. Many of these are currently out of stock but you can find them on Amazon (UK / USA) & Ebay

3D Kawaii Jigsaw Puzzles - Rilakkuma

There are also 3D crystal puzzles with light-up bases featuring kawaii characters and brands like Rilakkuma, Sanrio, Totoro, Pikachu and Disney. Search for the brands Ensky, Beverly and Hanayama or have a look at some on Amazon (UK / USA) & Ebay.

Japanese Jigsaw Puzzles

Beverly also make a huge range of normal flat jigsaw puzzles, many of which feature cute character art or Japanese photos and illustrations. Here’s some on Amazon (UK / USA) & Ebay. I would love to have a go at this Famous Japan puzzle and see how many things I can recognise.

Kawaii Jigsaw Puzzles - Pokemon

Ravensburger are a big puzzle brand with affordable prices and have quite a few Pokemon & Disney designs at all different skill levels. Here’s some on Amazon (UK / USA) & Ebay. This new Pokemon Challenge is well-named and is available as a pre-order from Total Cards (UK).

Kawaii Jigsaw Puzzles - Pusheen

For something simpler, Pusheen has a brand new puzzle set (UK / USA). You get 2 mini designs featuring Pusheen, Stormy, Pip, and Cheek.

Kawaii Jigsaw Puzzles

If you like to support artists, Zazzle (USA) have puzzles available with designs from kawaii artists & illustrators and you can choose your size, and even personalise it or make your own. You do need to search around for images that would make a good puzzle but there’s some super cute ones like this Penguin & Wagashi by Kawaii City.

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