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Kawaii Rubber Stamps To Buy & DIY

Posted on January 31, 2020 by

Rubber stamps are a really versatile addition to your craft and stationery stash – you can use them for journaling and happy mail, to create custom gift wrap, or even stamp designs on to fabric for sewing projects. Here’s how to get started with handmade kawaii rubber stamps and DIYs.

happy mail rubber stamps

Etsy is a great place to browse for unique stamps. talktothesun (Japan) is one of my favourite shops for handmade stamps – all the designs are so cute and clever and some are sets that you can use to create patterns. This happy mail stamp would be great for sending letters to friends.

ice cream kawaii rubber stamps

Memi The Rainbow (Italy) is another stamp artist I love, though the stamps tend to sell out quickly. There’s a few cute stamps to choose from at the moment or you can follow her Instagram.

rubber stamp carving kit

If you’ve been wanting to try making rubber stamps you can find supplies on Etsy. There’s also a great DIY Stamp Carving Kit available from Parade Made (Singapore) with everything you need plus a booklet of tips and design ideas.

Watch on YouTube

Parade Made also have a new YouTube channel where you can see stamp carving in real time. Jiahui makes it look so simple, though I’m sure it takes a lot of practice to get that fast!

rubber stamp making books

If you prefer to learn from a book, there’s some good ones on Amazon. I have Block Print by Andrea Lauren (UK / USA), which includes lots of different printing methods and materials. Making an Impression by Gennine (UK / USA) also looks great and has 50 motifs to use.

kawaii cat rubber stamps

Got a design you’d love on a stamp but can’t be trusted with a sharp knife? Mint Maker Studio (UK) creates custom stamps in lots of different sizes and styles. Clare makes all my stamps for me including these cute colour-in cats that I sell on Etsy.

Have you ever tried making rubber stamps? I’ve got some supplies I bought in Japan a few years ago so hope to get around to using them soon.

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