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We haven’t done a reader survey since 2016 and we’d love to get an update about you and what you think about SCK so we can keep making content you’ll enjoy.

The survey is open now and should only take around 5 minutes to complete. There are 10 questions about you, your interests and your shopping habits, which help us find new super cute sponsors and plan fun new posts and giveaways.

kawaii giveaway

As an incentive and thank you for your time, we’ve got prizes to give away! I’ve emptied the SCK review box and you could win one of 5 kawaii surprise bags! They’ll include a random selection of cute things we’ve been sent to review with items from Pusheen Box, Doki Doki Crate and Sanrio Small Gift Crate. Above are some of the coolest items but there’s other stationery, accessories, homeware and more.

SCK survey

TO ENTER: complete the survey, leaving your email address when requested. For an extra entry, leave a comment on this post telling us your kawaii favourites of 2019 – characters, shops, YouTube channels, events, anything you like. Make sure you use the same email address as your survey so we can match them up!

  • If you are under 16, please check with a parent or guardian before entering.
  • This giveaway is open worldwide.
  • By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

UPDATE: Closes midnight GMT on Sunday 12th January. Winners will be picked and contacted on Thursday 16th – we can’t announce the winners publicly since we only have email addresses but I will post on social media when I’ve emailed everyone so you can check your inbox and spam/junk folder to be sure. Good luck!

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47 responses

  1. Natalie Lawton avatar
    Natalie Lawton

    I love seeing all the cute items and posts from artists. I recently went to Japan and had great help from Cakes With Faces for my trip. Shes a star!

  2. Michelle Carter avatar
    Michelle Carter

    I love anything kawaii~! Gudetama has to be my favorite though. I can’t wait to see what other new cute things will be in store for next year.

  3. Mags avatar

    I just love everything about you guys!! Amazing, i also like a lot rilakkuma, gudetama and aggretsuko 🥰

  4. Sanne avatar

    I recently got the most perfect Luna sleeping on a cloud enamel pin as a surprise from my best friend. It had dangly stars and gems and it’s so pretty! I love it so much!

    1. Xixi avatar

      My fav kawaii is pusheen they are super cute

  5. Samantha Huerta avatar
    Samantha Huerta

    My favorite things from you guys are pusheen! It’s just so adorable and gudetama is growing on me. Reminds me of myself lol! Love you guys!

  6. Charlotte avatar

    My favourite Kawaii character is Pusheen, I just love how cute and adorable Pusheen is, I always smile when I see that cute face! ☺️💕x x

  7. Sara avatar

    My favorite kawaii character of 2019 is Pusheen!
    Shop: Claire’s
    YouTube channels: Pixielocks! <3
    Thank you for this opportunity and for this 2019 full of fantastic posts! <3

    1. Loridee avatar

      Favorite character has to be rilakkuma~ he’s a bead and sooooo very pure 💞💕🐻

  8. Brenda avatar

    My favorite kawaii character of 2019 is Gudetama!

  9. Marie yoon avatar
    Marie yoon

    My favorite characters are pusheen and hello Kitty

  10. Thays Natani avatar
    Thays Natani

    OMG this year I was super happy about plushies, specially that from Sanrio!!

    1. Jovyn Ang avatar
      Jovyn Ang

      Hi, I’m from Malaysia.🇲🇾 My favourite will be Pusheen and piu piu. 😍

  11. thacos6 avatar

    Loved all Pusheen colection this year!!

  12. Sharvia Sultana avatar
    Sharvia Sultana

    This is the dream giveaway I would love to win! Pusheen and Gudetama is everything! I’ve been getting subscription box from Tokyo Treat :)

  13. Lisa Lamb avatar
    Lisa Lamb

    My favorite is Pusheen <3

  14. Kim M avatar
    Kim M

    Pusheen as a purrmaid is the cutest!!

  15. Shara avatar

    My favorite characters of 2019 are mimikyu, cinnamoroll, mamegoma, and anything ghibli related. It’s nice to see you all still posting after all these years!

  16. Thathys6 avatar

    Sanrio is my “so cute” for this year! ^^

  17. Mystry Jones avatar
    Mystry Jones

    I love all of Gladys P. Nut’s stickers and designs! Especially the rainbow llama with wings and the caticorn! <3

  18. The Dreamer avatar
    The Dreamer

    This year I discovered lots of kawaii YT channels and my favourite at all is “RosieOsCereal”.
    She’s super cute and funny and has a lovely accent!!

  19. Natani avatar

    What a great year for plushies!! Love them all!

  20. Bekki avatar

    Im still loving animal crossing pocket camp. Little black heart is a great artist for creepy cute stuff

  21. Michelle K avatar
    Michelle K

    Thanks to your website, I really got into Amigurumi crochet plushies! I’m still not good at making them, but I have loads of fun!

  22. Melissa avatar

    I bought my first kawaii Christmas ornaments this year!

  23. Emma avatar

    My favourites of 2019:
    Character – Jinbeisan ^_^
    Shops – Artbox/Tofu Cute
    YouTube – Tofu Cute and Pusheen!

  24. Gemma White avatar
    Gemma White

    My favourite kawaii things this year have been more Aggretsuko, the Rilakkuma series and being an Asking for Trouble Patron! My happy mail parcel always brightens my day and I LOVED the Halloween and Japanese souvenir boxes 😊

  25. moonlight ray avatar
    moonlight ray

    I love seeing posts about themed cafes; they’re so creative with their decor and food, and I think it’d be wonderful to be surrounded by adorable things!!

  26. Linda avatar

    I did a lot of research on kawaii Winnie-the-Pooh for my daughter who became quite obsessed with it.

  27. Agnieszka avatar

    Pusheen always and forever <3

  28. Ashley B. avatar
    Ashley B.

    Happy New Year, Super Cute Kawaii!

    Here are some of my personal kawaii favorites of 2019.
    Artists: CherryCheezy, KomunHorangi, M. Victoria Robado, Mizucat, and ちょん*
    Character: Chiitan☆
    Shop: In Control Clothing, ACDC RAG
    YouTube Channel: cybr.grl

    Can’t wait to see what new content you have this year for all of us. ^_^

  29. Mandy H avatar
    Mandy H

    I love so many characters, eg Gudetama, Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi.. can’t get enough of these cute little ones! 😍❤️
    Wish y’all a happy new year! 🎊

  30. Donna avatar

    I’m really digging Pusheen and anything K-pop this year 💗

  31. Amywjn avatar

    Still Gudetama & stickiiclub sticker subscription, cute pack, great Kawaii artists.

  32. Penny avatar

    My absolute favorite character is Pusheen! Absolutely love her! I went to Japan over 20 years ago and I’m long overdue for a return trip! My favorite show is Kawaii International on NHK World. Love so many things about Japan! The cute characters, the food, the shopping, the scenery, the safety and cleanliness of the country, I could go on and on.

  33. Joeke avatar

    My favorite character of 2019 is an oldie: Tarepanda! I discovered Tarepanda when I was 13 years old but in all those (17) following years I have never found any merch of him here in the Netherlands. Just recently I found a 2020 planner of Tarepanda and stickers, so I’m super happy now :D

  34. Viola Rosai avatar
    Viola Rosai

    This year I got more influenced by Pusheen positive vibes and now my room is full and I can see his funny smile everywhere ^^ meow

    Pls keep going with the great job about the kawaii shops list because it’s sooo useful. And I’m going to Japan soon, so happy to check some places and items from your site :)

  35. Makayla avatar

    I get a subscription box called kawaii box and it’s my favorite time of the month so many cute things have come in. Pusheen is adorable and I’ve been obsessed with hello kitty every since I was little.

  36. Mel Sosa avatar
    Mel Sosa

    My favorites of all times are all Sanrio’s characters, especially hello kitty and also love Pusheen, I think those are the most kawaii characters ever!

  37. Vicky avatar

    Love everything kawaii it’s so amazing pastel goth is a current fav

    1. Karen Tang avatar
      Karen Tang

      I absolutely love Sumikko Gurashi and Pusheen! My plushy collection has been growing–perhaps a bit too much–this year. I loved seeing the Pusheen cafe in the UK through SCK’s Twitter, though it’s made me really jealous of everyone who was lucky enough to go there. But I did get a winter Pusheen box, so I’ve been able to enjoy Pusheen adorned baking supplies!

  38. Tayler avatar

    I always love Pusheen, Hello Kitty, other Sanrio characters, DIY/crafts, and creepy-cute.

  39. Camille Overney avatar
    Camille Overney

    I love all of the stuffed animals and shown accessories, especially when it features Pusheen or Rilakkuma! I’m also a fan of Sanrio and all of it’s characters, love you SCK!

  40. Karen Tang avatar
    Karen Tang

    I absolutely love Sumikko Gurashi and Pusheen! My plushy collection has been growing–perhaps a bit too much–this year. I loved seeing the Pusheen cafe in the UK through SCK’s Twitter, though it’s made me really jealous of everyone who was lucky enough to go there. But I did get a winter Pusheen box, so I’ve been able to enjoy Pusheen adorned baking supplies!

  41. olga avatar

    These are so cute & fun!

  42. Nadine Obst avatar
    Nadine Obst

    I did take the survey but wasnt asked to put my mail anywhere. I hope I will still be in to win. I love your page. Molang, Pusheen, and other cute characters.

  43. Stephanie Blanco avatar
    Stephanie Blanco

    GudeTama is amazing!!

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