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Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

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The Fall 2019 Pusheen Box finally turned up a few days ago, a little bit too late for its Halloween theme! Hope you’re still feeling spooky as here’s a look at what was inside and my top 5 items. 

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

This box was a lot bigger than usual so was sent by a different carrier (Parcelforce) that was much slower to deliver – a full month from the USA to UK! Luckily, we love spooky things all year round so I wasn’t too disappointed to get it in November. The box and vinyl figure feature Zombie Pusheen, who is far too adorable to be scared of.

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

There were 8 items in the Fall 2019 Pusheen Box: Zombie Pusheen vinyl figure, Bat Pusheen notepad, mini dust pan & brush, colour changing mug, candy jar, drawstring pouch, bat wing hoodie and Candy Corn plush. Everything was very spooky cute but not so Halloween-themed that you’d want to put things away during the rest of the year.

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

Here’s a comparison of the Spring and Fall boxes – this one really was massive. This wasn’t because there were more items but there were some bulky ones like the (very well-packaged) mug, candy jar and hoodie. Let’s have a closer look at my favourite items.

Bat Wings Hoodie

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review
Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

The clothing items have usually been a little too big for us but this hoodie is perfect – just nicely oversized for a comfy fit and cut long to keep you warm. There are bat wings printed on the back and the hood has a Pusheen face and little ears! It would be cute for a low-key Halloween costume but I’ll be wearing this to lounge around the house.

Colour Changing Mug

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review
Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

I saw a spoiler for this mug and was excited to try it out. It’s got a spooky Witch Pusheen on the front and pouring in boiling water slowly reveals the words Midnight Meowgic and some colourful stars. I haven’t had a mug like this since I was a kid and it was kind of cool to watch. I’ll share a video on Instagram later.

It’s a really big mug so great for anyone who needs a giant cup of tea or coffee to get them going in the morning. It looks pretty cute without the text too, though mine has a little patch of coating missing. I won’t be using this myself as I prefer a smaller cup and a light colour to see different types of tea, but this is exactly the sort of fun unexpected item I like to find in subscription boxes.

Candy Corn Plush

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review
Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

I’ve never seen candy corn in real life but the colours still feel like Halloween to me. This cute plushie is a bigger version of the mini surprise box keyring plush from 2017. She’s soft and cuddly and striped like candy corn, plus the orange part is a very sparkly glitter! This feels a lot more unique and special than the spring plush and it’s a good size to join my collection.

Candy Jar

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

A candy jar makes a lot of sense for Halloween and it’s a nice big size to fill with your favourite treats. It might have been better with a more general candy theme but I’ll still use it over the holidays as it’s much cuter to hand around than a plastic tub. It’s not as fragile as it might look so you could also use this for storage on your desk or in the bathroom.

Bat Pusheen Sticky Notepad

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

I’m always happy to see some stationery! This is a very cute die cut notepad and each sheet is a sticky note too. I can see this being a lot of fun for leaving notes and for happy mail and journaling too. The notepad is really thick so should last a long time.

Final Thoughts

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box Review

I was initially very excited about the Halloween theme but it does feel a bit too aimed at Americans with all the candy corn and a shipping date so close to Halloween. I would have preferred a mix of Halloween and Fall items.

I still think it was good value though as everything is cute and useful, and even the items I won’t use were fun to try out. I had never seen this type of drawstring toiletries bag before and the mug was surprisingly entertaining.


The Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. Customs fees this time were £23.

Winter 2019 Pusheen Box

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Subscriptions are now open for the Winter Pusheen Box, which ships early in December and will be full of sweet surprises! You can follow Pusheen Box on Instagram and Facebook to find out more and see the first sneak peek.

Did you get the Pusheen Box this time? What was your favourite item?

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are our own)

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