Kawaii Halloween For Scaredy-Cats

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Do you wish you could join in all the Halloween fun but find it all just a bit too frightening? Get out from behind the sofa as I’ve found some adorable Halloween products and DIYs for even the biggest of scaredy-cats!

Kawaii Halloween Cinnamoroll plush

Is it even possible for Cinnamoroll to be scary? It seems unlikely and definitely not in a cute witch outfit. There are 3 plushies in this collection at ARTBOX (UK) including Halloween candy and a jack-o-lantern.

Kawaii Halloween pumpkin garland

This DIY party pumpkin garland at Handmade Charlotte has to be the least creepy Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen! It’s pretty easy too with just painted foam pumpkins, googley eyes and paper pom pom hats. You could also use this method on our own Gudetama in a Pumpkin tutorial so the pumpkin has a cute face instead of a scary one.

Kawaii Halloween ghost stickers

Frightened of ghosts? Surely not these hard-working ghosts who are here to help with self care tips! Get this set of planner stickers from Coco Glez (Spain) who also has a matching shy ghost pin.

Kawaii Halloween lucky ghost

Or protect yourself with a lucky pocket ghost, handmade by Mombi & Ted. It even comes gift boxed so would make a perfect Halloween gift for a sensitive friend. I also love this Halloween box of cuteness, though it does include a (happy!) bat and skull.

Kawaii Halloween enamel pin

Bright Bat (USA) is known for spooky cute designs but the Self Care Plushie Pals are just cute. This scarecrow cat enamel pin would be a sweet accessory for Halloween and help you get through the day without too many scares. Good luck!

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