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Washi Tape Wish List

Posted on September 2, 2019 by

I recently tidied up my washi tape collection, which is getting a bit too big to fit in my wooden box. That probably means I need to stop buying more but it’s very difficult as there are so many I want. Here’s some of the cutest washi tape designs on my wish list.

pandas kawaii washi tape

Washi Wednesday (Singapore) has a huge range of washi tape including big and small brands. Mind Wave are always a favourite of mine and how can you resist these chubby pandas! The die cut edge makes it extra fun too.

forest animals kawaii washi tape

These happy animals are in completely different style – it’s so soft and sweet with lots of detail. The art is by Japanese illustrator Muumegu and you can buy this at Cute Things From Japan (Japan).

Pikachu & Eevee kawaii washi tape

Pikachu and Eevee make an adorable pair on this washi tape set from the Pokemon Center with balloons, clouds and candy. If you can’t visit yourself, it’s available from Japan Stuffs (Japan).

rainbow kawaii washi tape

If your journal pages and mail need brightening up, Kaila has you covered with her new rainbow washi tape at Rainbowholic Shop (Japan). It’s such a perfect everyday tape and there’s another cute design available exclusively through her Patreon.

candy kawaii washi tape

I love the cute, colourful and simple characters of Doodlebug Design and there are so many tapes to choose from. This So Sweet pattern (UK / USA) has happy candy, jellybeans and lollipops!

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