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Momiji Circus Blind Boxes

Posted on September 18, 2019 by

We’re long time fans of Momiji’s cute dolls at SCK and very excited to hear about the new Momiji Circus blind boxes with vinyl figures.

Momiji Circus Blind Boxes

This is one of those things that you can’t believe no-one thought of sooner. While Momiji’s dolls are ever more beautiful and detailed, they’re also often limited edition and on the pricier side. These vinyl figures are much more affordable at £10 each and let you start a mini Momiji collection.

Momiji Circus Blind Boxes

There’s 12 figures in the collection, plus an extra special rare figure (Parsley the pony, above). They all have a circus theme and I have about five favourites already, which is always a good sign with blind boxes.

Momiji Circus Blind Boxes

You can pre-order these now as single figures or a box of 12, direct from Momiji shipping late September. They’re available all around the world – just select your nearest country at the top of the shop.

Are you going to start collecting?

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