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Our Favourite Shops at Hyper Japan

Posted on July 24, 2019 by

One of the best things about going to Hyper Japan is all the kawaii shopping opportunities, from independent artists to big name brands. Here’s 3 of our favourites from the summer event and what we bought there. Bringing a friend is a great plan as many artists do bundle offers.


Sanrio kawaii stickers

Marceline: I’m kind of surprised that I didn’t buy everything at ARTBOX but I think there was just so much choice I was overwhelmed. I did grab these adorable Sanrio stickers – the artwork is so pretty and it’s rare to get so many large sticker flake designs in a pack. These aren’t online yet but they have other Sanrio sticker flakes.

Tuxedo Sam kawaii socks

I also tried the Sanrio Lucky Dip as it was £5 with a guaranteed prize. I was pleased to get socks and this Tuxedo Sam ice cream design is perfect for summer.

pompompurin kawaii underwear

Nicolette: ARTBOX always have lots of quirky Sanrio goods and I was very tempted by some tiny chairs and a mini dustpan and brush set but when I saw the Sanrio character underpants I had to have a pair! The Pompompurin design was definitely the cutest one but they also had other characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody (should be online soon). These cheerful yellow undies are sure to brighten up the dullest morning.


kawaii stickers

Nicolette: I loved the designs by Geeniejay and had to add this cute animal bento pin to my collection. I also picked up a sheet of animal desserts stickers as I’m a sucker for cute food. 

Halloween kawaii stickers

Marceline: I got some of my favourite things – kawaii Halloween stickers and a bunny sakura enamel pin. I love when artists have a seconds pile so you can pick up a bargain. My pin has a barely-visible scratch but that just means I’m more likely to wear it outside.

Ellen Stubbings Illustration

kawaii explorer badge

Marceline: I first saw Ellen Stubbings‘s work at MCM Scotland Comic Con where I had a hard time choosing just 3 badges. This time I had to add a bunny explorer badge to my collection, which went straight on my backpack. The badges aren’t online but there’s lots of enamel pins.

kawaii shark badge

Nicolette: This funny ‘Don’t mess’ shark badge caught my eye as I love sharks and definitely have days when I would feel like wearing this!

Limousine Bus freebies

Marceline: I also have to give a shout out to the Friendly Airport Limousine Bus as their new kawaii branding is adorable and they gave us these cute freebies. I’m not sure what to use the fabric banner for (it’s a bit thin for a tenugui towel) but I might just have to hang it in my studio. We’ve used the Limousine Bus to get to the airport in Japan a few times and it’s always way less stressful than dragging your baggage around on the trains.

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