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Kawaii Stationery Review

Posted on July 29, 2019 by

I am still a bit of a kawaii stationery hoarder and recently placed my first orders with two online shops that sell Japanese stationery, Kawaii Panda and Cute Things From Japan. I had a great experience with both so here’s a look at what I bought.

Kawaii Panda

japanese stationery from Kawaii Panda

You’re sure to be aware of Kawaii Panda as they’re a current SCK sponsor. I had never ordered for myself but when I saw they had some of the recent Jinbe San and Mamegoma stationery, I had to get some. My order arrived a week later, from Portugal to the UK, and was packaged like a gift to myself with cute freebies and a handwritten note. I ordered Jinbe San washi tape, Mamegoma washi tape and a Mamegoma Cafe memo book.

Korilakkuma panda key cap

I also got a Korilakkuma panda key cap that I used before I remembered to take photos! The new key for my building looks exactly like my front door key so now it’s much easier to find the right one. I was a little concerned that it might not really be strong enough to stay on the keyring but the plastic is very thick and it’s not showing any signs of weakness, a few weeks later.

San-x washi tape from Kawaii Panda

The washi tape is as adorable as you would expect and I’m so happy to have these. Kawaii Panda only sell officially licensed products so it’s a great way for those of us in the UK/EU to get our hands on San-X stationery without worrying about high shipping costs or customs fees.

Mamegoma kawaii stationery from Kawaii Panda

This memo pad set my favourite thing! I loved the whole Mamegoma Cafe theme but most of the stationery wasn’t available from the San-X Japan shop so I’m glad I got another chance. All the designs are so cute! If you fancy ordering something yourself, don’t forget that SCK readers get 10% off everything (excluding boxes and bundles) with the code SCK10OFF.

Cute Things From Japan

Kawaii stationery from Cute Things From Japan

I’ve heard about Cute Things From Japan for a while but I only checked out their website properly when I heard they had the new washi tape from Schinako. Cute Things From Japan specialises in Japanese stationery brands, which includes big names and independent designers, so it’s a great place to discover something new. This arrived in 8 days from Japan looking even more like a gift, all wrapped up with a tag!

Kawaii stationery from Cute Things From Japan

As well as the Schinako washi tape, I ordered some planets washi tape, a Midori Asano memo pad and Rilakkuma Donut stickers. There were some freebies too including sticker sheets, hand-written note and a great little newsletter with a guide to Tokyo shopping and discount code. This changes every month so it’s a good excuse to keep going back for more!

Kawaii stationery from Cute Things From Japan

I was so impressed with the memo pad. It’s a little pricier than some at $7.50 but there’s 120 sheets and the artwork is so beautiful. It’s perfect for little notes and I know I’m going to be getting a lot of use out of this. If you like the artwork, you can follow Midori Asano on Instagram too.

Kawaii washi tape from Cute Things From Japan

I’ve been a fan of Schinako Moriyama‘s bunny paintings for a long time and was delighted to get this washi tape – so many bunnies! I like that there’s a little gap between each bunny so you can use them as individual stickers too. I don’t usually buy slim washi tape but I couldn’t resist a pastel space theme. I think this would be cute for borders in a planner.

Rilakkuma stickers from Cute Things From Japan

And finally, some super cute Rilakkuma stickers. These have such a bright summer feel and I always love a food theme. Look at Rilakkuma’s little tongue licking the ice cream!

japanese stationery from Kawaii Panda

I’m really happy with everything I bought and would definitely recommend ordering from Kawaii Panda and Cute Things From Japan if you love Japanese stationery. As well as the reasonable pricing and fast affordable shipping, both shops made such an effort to make my package special and fun to open.

This review is not sponsored or gifted but Kawaii Panda is a current SCK sponsor and I used their discount code.

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  • Reply
    July 29, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    All the things you bought are too cute!
    Love that rabbit decotape! So kawaii!! <3

  • Reply
    July 30, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    I can also just recommend ordering at Kawaii Panda.
    Every single item is wrapped so lovingly in little bags and/or with a bow… so cute!
    And there are at least one little kawaii gift.^^
    I’m glad I found Kawaii Panda through SCK. X3

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