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Kawaii Moon Landing Picks

Posted on July 9, 2019 by

This month is the 50th anniversary of humans landing on the Moon. I’m a total space nerd so it seemed like a good excuse to look for some kawaii Moons on Etsy.

Kawaii Moon enamel pin

This Moon and Star Frens enamel pin by Katnipp (UK) is so sweet, and I might need to add it to my collection. You can also get this design as planner stickers.

Kawaii Moon badges

GlitterMagicUK have a very cute space collection with the whole solar system on badges, stickers and postcards. My favourite is this set of the Moon, Earth & Sun.

Kawaii Moon sleep mask

You’re sure to get a good night’s sleep with this handmade sleep mask by hannahdoodle (UK). The Moon & star design is perfect for all interstellar travelers!

Kawaii Moon washi tape

Asian folklore says there’s a rabbit that lives on the Moon and in Japan he’s pounding mochi! mt have made some very cute washi tape featuring an expressive Moon and bunny friend. It’s available from a few different Etsy sellers including WashiWednesday (Singapore).

Kawaii space beret

A space beret from ellenithelabel (Australia) would be the perfect finishing touch to your Moon landing party outfit with hand-embroidered Moons, rockets and constellations. I need to find out if I’d suit a beret as there’s a solar system version too.

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