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Kawaii Bread Picks

Posted on July 25, 2019 by

Have you seen the new Sumikko Gurashi bakery theme? I love kawaii bread and can feel my purse emptying as I look at all the cute products – who else needs a giant Baguette plush?

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It goes on sale in August at San-X Japan so while we wait, here’s some more kawaii bread to love.

kawaii bread plushie

Jellycat (UK) have a kawaii plushie for everything so of course there’s a slice of toast, and a croissant too! You can also get this as a bag and bag charm.

kawaii bread pouches

The Amuse Oh! Pantastic characters have such cute faces and I love these pouches at Tofu Cute (UK). I saw them at Hyper Japan and was very tempted by the egg bread but I already have so many pouches.

kawaii bread stickers

This bread sticker sheet at ISpyKawaiiSupplies (UK) is so adorable that I can’t stop looking at it. There’s so many fun stickers here – which is your favourite? I think mine is exercising bread.

kawaii bread enamel pins

There’s surprisingly few cute bread enamel pins on Etsy but Leon Romer (EU) has 3! You can choose a topping from egg, avocado or BLT, and they’re available as stickers too.

kawaii bread fabric

Love sewing? This adorable animals and bread fabric at modes4u (Hong Kong) would be perfect for a lunch bag, apron or anything else you like.

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