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New Uniqlo x Pokemon T-Shirts

Posted on June 17, 2019 by

Uniqlo recently held a design contest for Pokemon t-shirts and the winners were announced recently (and then some withdrawn for rule breaking!). They’ll be on sale worldwide from June 24th (next Monday) so start planning your wish list. The last Pokemon collection sold out super fast so I’d advise joining their mailing list in your region to find out the shopping link and release time in advance.

Uniqlo x Pokemon T-Shirts

As always, Uniqlo has split the designs so here’s some of the cutest ones that are available in women’s sizes, beginning with the third prize winner, a cute Alolan illustration.

Uniqlo x Pokemon T-Shirts

I think this neon Pikachu is my top choice – it’s cute and cool and not too girly. There’s actually a few dark coloured and grungy designs for women this time, which is always good to see.

Uniqlo x Pokemon T-Shirts

I also love this Ditto metamon soda! The pink is really cute and it’s not obviously a Pokemon design if you’re not a fan.

Uniqlo x Pokemon T-Shirts

There’s more metamons on this colourful design that carries over to the back of the t-shirt.

Uniqlo x Pokemon T-Shirts

And this is a nice sentiment with everyone’s favourite multiple evolution Pokemon, Eevee.

There are 22 designs overall, in sizes for women, men and kids. Which are your favourites?

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