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I’m not a big texter, which is probably good for my bank balance as I really love all the kawaii stickers you can buy to add some fun to your chats. Here’s some of my favourites for LINE, iMessage, Galaxy and more. Click through to see the individual sticker animations.

Kawaii Message Stickers - LINE pokemon

I would probably get way into LINE if it was more popular with the people I’m in contact with. Maybe I need some new friends and family? There are thousands of different stickers available and I’m a big fan of illustrator Kanahei, especially their take on Pokemon. These official Pokémon Yurutto animated stickers are just £1.49.

Kawaii Message Stickers - hibud on LINE

You’ll also find lots of independent artists on LINE from all around the world. Yoyo the Ricecorpse has turned her sweet hibud character into a set of adorable stickers.

Kawaii Message Stickers - shrimp by pikaole

I love Pikaole’s stickers so much that I even bought one – and I’m always tempted to buy more. They usually feature sea creatures doing very silly things and are super cute. The latest one features a crying shrimp burning up the summer heat! Search pikaole on Apple’s App Store, LINE and Samsung Galaxy to see all the stickers and themes. It’s also worth following pikaole on Twitter or Instagram as sometimes there are freebies.

Kawaii Message Stickers - food by 100% Soft

You’re probably familiar with 100% Soft’s kawaii characters from gifs and you can get them for iMessage too. The Kawaii Food Party set has all your favourite foods, from pizza to Pocky.

Kawaii Message Stickers - banana

I don’t really get what Amino Apps is (I feel so old!) but it almost feels worth joining to get these hilarious Bananap stickers by mis0happy. There’s an Bad Apple set too.

If you can’t afford any of these stickers, most have some free on Giphy or Instagram Stories – just search their name with no spaces.

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