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YouTube Videos To Watch This Weekend

Posted on March 15, 2019 by

We share a lot of DIYs from YouTube on SCK but here’s a few other kawaii videos I spotted in my feed from channels that you might not be subscribed to yet.

If you enjoyed my post about visiting the Pokemon Cafe, you should check out this video from Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi. You get a great look at all the features, exclusive products and food, plus there’s an appearance by Pikachu in his cafe server’s outfit!

We’re all wishing we could visit the Pusheen Cafe in Singapore but at least we can see photos and videos. This is a great video by CupofTJ which gives you a closer look at the menu and food.

I love watching timelapse art videos as you can learn so much to improve your own skills. Ryan of Tasty Peach Studios often shares her work on new characters and I can’t wait to see how these Manta Crepes end up looking as plushies.

Or enjoy a rainbow art day with KiraKiraDoodles and Amelia Haru. It really feels like you’re right there with them (I would have run off with all their cute pastel art supplies if I had been…)

Tofu Cute have started a YouTube channel which is great for getting a look at all their kawaii products. I enjoyed this Pokemon Bakery Re-ment unboxing and they also just unboxed a whole case of the new Pusheen surprise plush if you want to know what the secret one is.

If you need more to watch, check out all our playlists on YouTube.

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