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Cute Amigurumi Crochet Patterns By lalylala

Posted on February 11, 2019 by

I am forever drawn to cute amigurumi patterns, even though I’m no good at crochet. I came across lalylala on Etsy recently, which has an unexpectedly adorable selection of insects, plus many more cute patterns. Here’s a few favourites.

peacock butterfly kawaii amigurumi crochet pattern

The insects are definitely the most unique part of this shop and you’ll find everything from beetles to butterflies. This peacock butterfly has the prettiest wings, which are also removable to turn it back into a caterpillar.

Ladybird Ladybug kawaii amigurumi crochet pattern

There are even more complex sets that let you crochet the whole lifecycle – great for kids, or if you’re some kind of insect nerd. I love all the details in the ladybird set.

Easter kawaii amigurumi crochet patterns

It’s not all bugs though! There’s a cute pattern set for all the major seasons and holidays. How about a chick, bunny and lamb for Easter?

springtime kawaii amigurumi crochet patterns

Or a birdhouse, crocus bulb and blue tit for springtime?

cupcake kawaii amigurumi crochet pattern

You can even make a kawaii cupcake for a birthday gift that can be used as a pincushion.

Check out lalylala’s Etsy shop for more cute amigurumi crochet patterns, all available for instant download.

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