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SCK YouTube Channel & Category Updates

Posted on August 11, 2018 by

Just a little bit of SCK news for you.

SCK YouTube

SCK YouTube Channel

Thanks to our Summer Intern Hannah, I’ve been able to bring the SCK YouTube account up to date. While we aren’t creating our own videos (yet?) we now have over 20 playlists featuring kawaii craft projects, recipes, weird products, tips for visiting Japan and more. You can also find some cute new channels to subscribe to – and we’ll update more often now.

Category Updates

If you’re digging around in the archives, you might notice some work going on. After 10 years of almost-daily blogging, things are getting a bit disorganised so I’m adding new categories and rearranging things. I’ve already done the DIY Crafts section so you can now browse by craft type or season/holiday + there’s new categories for popular things like colouring books, craft books and journaling. I’ll soon be splitting up the shopping posts into themes too, but that’s a very big job.

You can browse the archives through the Categories and Month drop downs in the sidebar (under the posts on mobile), or through the top navigation (press the 3 horizontal lines on mobile)

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