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Have you heard about Patreon? It’s a site (and app) where you can support your favourite artists, makers, cartoonists, podcasts etc. while receiving exclusive updates and rewards in return. Many of our favourite kawaii creatives are using it, so here’s a few you might like to check out, and I’ll explain a bit more about how Patreon works at the end.

Kawaii Patreon - Rainbowholic


If you enjoy Kaila’s journalling, stationery and Japan videos, it’s well worth joining her Patreon. For $1 a month, you get early access to new blog posts and videos, exclusive content, livestreams and occasional freebies like printables. The higher tiers get you specially-curated packages from Japan with stationery, snacks etc. Find out more >>

Kawaii Patreon - Little Miss Paintbrush

Little Miss Paintbrush

Illustrators are especially fun to follow as you get to see how they work and pick up tips. Chichi’s themed rewards include layered art files, step-by-step progress shots, colouring pages, printables, stickers and original paintings. Best of all, you can request a custom chibi each month, so you can have yourself drawn in that kawaii Little Miss Paintbrush style. Find out more >>

Kawaii Patreon - Tasty Peach Studios

Tasty Peach Studios

If you love all the TPS characters, Ryan’s Patreon will let you be among the first to see the next limited edition plush, plus sketches and character ideas. There’s also livestreams, exclusive prints, colouring sheets, pins and charms, though the latter two are US-only. Find out more >>

Kawaii Patreon - Sew Desu Ne?

Sew Desu Ne?

If you enjoy sewing, Choly Knight’s Patreon has just one tier for $1 that lets you see behind the scenes. You get a look at how she creates her patterns, plus new pattern previews and first access to free patterns. Find out more >>

Kawaii Patreon - inki-Drop


Shelly is one of my favourite kawaii illustrators so it’s fun for me to see what she’s working on, and find out about new characters and products. Higher tiers get printables, while US residents can join the sticker or pin clubs. Find out more >>

Kawaii Patreon - Princess Peachie

Princess Peachie

The kawaii fashion and lifestyle vlogger has a Patreon where you can hang out with Peachie and help her meet her goals. In return you get lots of personal content including previews, secret early videos, stories and letters.  Find out more >>

How does Patreon work?

There’s a directory on Patreon so you can search for people to follow – by name or keyword. They’ll have some information and public posts to read and if you decide to follow, you can choose a monthly tier. These usually start at $1 with higher tiers for more exciting/exclusive rewards. After joining, you’ll instantly get access to all previous Patron-only posts, which can include sketchbook peeks, new product/character previews and early access to videos, blog posts, sales etc.

Some Patreons charge you straight away, so if you join now, you’ll get the August rewards and will then be charged again on September 1st for the September rewards. Others send out rewards in arrears – if you join in August, you won’t be charged until September 1st and will then receive all the August rewards. You can change your tier at any time, so you can upgrade for a special month’s reward or downgrade to skip one.

Are you signed up to any Patreons? Let us know your favourites.

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