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Summer Sunflowers

Posted on July 23, 2018 by

Sunflowers always look so happy and colourful, but they can take up a lot of space! Here’s some cute ones that are easier to care for and sure to cheer up your summer.

kawaii sunflower enamel pin

Even people who dread the summer heat couldn’t possibly resist the happy face on thisĀ sunflower enamel pin by These Are Things.

kawaii sunflower nekodango cat plush

There’s a Neko Dango plush for every occasion and the sunflower variety is perfect for summer. There’s also a morning glory version, if you prefer pastel flowers.

kawaii sunflower stickers

Circle Seals stickers are great for planners as you get lots of small stickers. Sunflowers, sunshine and rainbows are just the thing to decorate your summer plans.

kawaii sunflower amigurumi crochet pattern

If you’ve got crochet skills, you could make chubby happy sunflowers as gifts for everyone with this amigurumi pattern by Croochet.

kawaii sunflowers dog pillow

If you prefer sewing, petfriendly has a fun range of fabric for cat and dog lovers! There’s a few different breeds and colours to choose from at Spoonflower, where you can order the patterns on a whole range of different fabric bases, plus a few readymade products like pillows.

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