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Cute Instagram Accounts Taking Part In #The100DayProject

Posted on April 11, 2018 by

If you haven’t heard of #The100DayProject, it’s a creative challenge that happens every April. Everyone who takes part sets a personal theme to work on for the next 100 days and the daily posts are shared on Instagram. Here’s some of my favourite cute creatives taking part in the challenge.

#The100DayProject @parade.made

When I was looking for a unique hashtag for my own challenge, I came across rubber stamp maker @parade.made whose project last year was #100daysofkawaiiness and includes so much kawaii food! This year she’s doing 100 Corners Of The World and I’m looking forward to following along in real time.

#The100DayProject @wita.doodlesdo

Planner fans will want to check out @doodlesdostickers who’s posting 100 Days of Functional Doodles. The drawings are both cute and useful and great inspiration for your journal. You can also vote for your favourites to be turned into stickers for her shop.

#The100DayProject @imthedoodlemachine

If you’d like a little bit of extra positivity in your day, @imthedoodlemachine is sharing 100 Days of Motivoodles (aka motivational doodles!). Each drawing is also available as clip art for a limited time.

#The100DayProject @lemonyarncreations

@lemonyarncreations is doing things a little differently with 100 Days of Fauna and Flora. She’s creating 10 amigurumi toys featuring animals merged with plants. Her daily posts show each step from inspiration to finished toy so it’s fun to see the process.

#The100DayProject @knittingsquids

More cute illustration from @knittingsquids who’s doing 100 Illustrated Circles. I really love how simple and colourful these are.

#The100DayProject  @marcelinesmith

And I’m doing it too. Follow me at @marcelinesmith for 100 Days of Kawaii Characters and feel free to make suggestions for what I draw next!

Are you doing #The100DayProject? Let us know in the comments. If you’d like to join in, you still can! There’s no strict timetable so if you start late or can’t post every day, no-one minds. Find out how it all works here.

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