Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 Highlights

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I had an absolute blast at Hyper Japan recently and these are my top ten highlights of the weekend.

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 kawaii

1. All the kawaii

The major draw for me is always browsing the stalls and seeing all the cute plushies! Some of the weird and wonderful things which made me smile were the hotdogs and fruit hamsters at Tofu Cute and the Hello Kitty gyoza and Santa Gudetama at ARTBOX.

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 - Nicolette

2. Dressing up

I love seeing all the cute fashions and cosplayers and enjoy having the chance to dress up myself. I wore a doughnut-themed outfit on the Saturday with a doughnut skirt I made myself and a pastel Decora style on Sunday. I felt so kawaii!

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 Tofu Cute Tree

3. Tofu Cute Christmas tree

The kawaii tree was back at Tofu Cute and I made sure to make my wish for everyone to have a kawaii Christmas!

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 Magical Maidens

4. Meeting lovely people

We love to support small independent businesses at SCK and everyone I met was so nice and makes such cute things! Special shout out to Jaz from Magical Maidens for finding the Ditto pin I bought from her then promptly lost – thanks for reuniting us!

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 FEMM


I am completely obsessed with the album Femm-Isation so was super excited to see FEMM play at Hyper Japan. They blew everyone away by being carried onstage like mannequins then brought down the house with their electropop perfection.

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 goldfish lanterns

6. Goldfish lanterns

Part of the Illuminight exhibition featured lots of beautiful goldfish lanterns all strung up together. I particularly liked the white goldfish lanterns as they looked like ghosts.

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 bubble waffle

7. Bubble waffles

So good I had two! Miso Hungry make the best bubble waffles and my favourite was the peanut chocolate with Nutella, peanut butter, ice cream, chocolate sauce and mini Reeses cups – amazing!

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 Shinjo-kun

8. Shinjo-kun

I was really sad to miss out on meeting Shinjo-kun, the cute otter mascot of Susaki City, on Saturday but luckily managed to catch his dance performance on Sunday. I also got a photo taken with him to add to my collection of mascot photos!

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 Kokeshi doll painting

9. Kokeshi doll painting

It was fun but more tricky than it looks. I decided to paint myself in my doughnut skirt and even though I struggled a bit with painting straight lines, I really enjoyed it and love my unique kokeshi doll.

Hyper Japan Christmas 2017 purchases

10. Shopping

Some of my fave purchases were my plushie Maneki Neko and Pikachu soda from Tofu Cute, cute pins by Magical Maidens and Box Monster, doughnut kitty tee by Tea Kitty and pink holo bunny bag from Dreamy Bows.

You can see all my photos in the Facebook album.

Hyper Japan‘s next event will be in July 2018 in London. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

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