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Sharptooth Snail Mail Subscription Box Review

Posted on April 10, 2017 by

Being kind of a science geek, I was excited to receive this Sharptooth Snail Mail subscription box from Sharptooth Snail, run by illustrator Veronica Guzzardi.

sharptooth snail review

Inside the box I found 4 items: an adorable space unicorn pin, a set of buttons (badges), a James Webb Telescope postcard and a comic.

sharptooth snail review
sharptooth snail review

My favourite item was the badge set featuring some fantastic creatures including my all-time favourite, the tardigrade.

sharptooth snail review

Tardigrades are amazing micro beasts with actual super powers like surviving extremes of temperature and being blasted into space and it was great to see them getting some love.

sharptooth snail review

The handmade comic is about the artist’s visit to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope where the panels echo the honeycomb shape of the telescope’s gold mirror.

sharptooth snail review

It was very thought-provoking and I would love to see more of her work.

sharptooth snail

Check out Sharptooth Snail website for more of her cool products. The black glitter tardigrade pin has gone straight to the top of my wish list!

Sharptooth Snail Mail

Sharptooth Snail Mail subscription boxes start at $19.99 for a single box with discounts for longer subscriptions and additional shipping costs for international buyers.

(Box was provided by Sharptooth Snail for review but these are my honest opinions and the photographs are my own, except for the last one.)

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