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Cute Writing Paper For National Stationery Week

Posted on April 25, 2017 by

It’s National Stationery Week in the UK, which aims to encourage people to send more letters instead of emails and texts (and remind everyone that you spell it stationEry not stationAry!). That also makes it the perfect excuse to buy more stationery so here’s some super cute writing paper sets from kawaii designers.


Milkbun‘s new stationery sets come in happy succulent and sushi designs with 10 sheets of paper and some matching stickers that are sure to cheer up anyone’s letterbox.



Who can resist a squishy kitten? These sets by futska come with writing paper, envelopes and a notebook so you can keep track of all your penpals.


If you like a bargain, BonBons Kawaii‘s unicorn letter writing set starts with a patterned folder which contains 10 sheets of note paper, 5 envelopes, 5 stickers, a ruled writing guide, a postcard and a journaling card, all for £3.50!


Sending a friend some dentistry-themed mail might be a little odd but when it’s this cute, I’m sure they’ll understand! LaPapierre sell the writing paper and envelopes separately so you can pick and choose how many you want.


If you have access to a colour printer then printable stationery is great value as you can print as many as you like. Miss Fright’s Delights has lots of cute designs including an Alice in Wonderland set.

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