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Mother’s Day Makes

Posted on March 13, 2017 by

Mother’s Day is on different days all round the world but here in the UK it’s next weekend. There’s nothing mums like better than knowing you made something just for her so here’s a few cute crafty ideas to get you started. If you’re not in the UK, bookmark them for later!


A felt daisy in a pot will last a lot longer than fresh flowers and make a cute decoration for home or work. It’s a PDF pattern by Nuvolina Handmade so you can make it any colours you like.


This printable tea shop gift box by LittleLuxuriesLoft would be perfect for filling with fancy tea bags, sweet treats or a handmade gift voucher to take her out to tea. There are lots of other gift boxes in store too including a flower shop and cafe.

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Crochet up a coffee cosy and pair it with a reusable travel cup for a great gift for busy mums. This rainbow and stars design by Flying Mio isn’t too complicated or try your hand at their adorable mint bear cosy.

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These polymer clay kokeshi spool dolls by 2 Cats & 1 Doll can be customised in lots of ways so you could make one that looks just like you! Wind on cute ribbon or striped twine and it will come in useful for sewing projects and gift wrapping too.

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If your budget is on the non-existent side, origami is the way to go as all you need is paper (try gift wrap) and patience. Paper Kawaii has put together a great playlist of Mother’s Day origami projects including this clever little photo stand that you can finish off with photos or drawings.

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