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My Cutest Christmas Presents

Posted on January 16, 2017 by

epoch usagi gachapon

I got some super cute gifts for Christmas, mostly from Nicolette. It’s handy having a sister you send to kawaii events in London! This tiny bunny gachapon figurine was probably my favourite – he’s basically King Bunny of the Cake.

epoch usagi cafe gachapon

I managed to track the whole set down online and they’re all so adorable, though I think I got the best one. There’s a few available on eBay just now or try searching for Epoch Rabbit Cake Shop.


Also adorable and tiny is this Pikachu DS charm by Milkbun. It even has a cute Pokemon game screen inside!

carlos and sakura

Maqaroon is a super successful YouTuber these days, but Joanna used to be a manga artist and these Carlos & Sakura comics are almost 10 years old! There are two short comics in each featuring Carlos the grumpy hedgehog and Sakura the sweet bunny. You can pick these up, and more of Joanna’s manga, at Sweatdrop.


I also did a fun swap with KiraKiraDoodles and got a box full of cute things including a Spooky McCute pin & print, Totoro charm and lots of stickers. You can find all these in Kira’s Etsy Shop.

rabi dango

You can see some more of my presents on my own blog including this grumpy Rabi-Dango. What cute things did you get for Christmas?

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