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Super Cute Kawaii on Social Media

Posted on October 23, 2016 by

Some of you taking the survey were surprised to hear we’re on social media so here’s a reminder of where to find us and what we post there.

social media

Instagram is the most special as Nic occasionally takes over when she’s at events like Hyper Japan or out shopping in London and posts lots of cute pics and videos. You also get sneak peeks of review items, reminders of giveaways and we’re trying out Stories too, which disappear after 24 hours.

Tumblr isn’t very popular with you but we post there twice a day. A lot of the things we reblog don’t get shared by us on the blog or on our other social media so it’s a great if you want an extra dose of kawaii.

Twitter also gets a lot of extra content as I try to retweet a few things every day from indie makers, big brands, shops and bloggers with new products, offers, giveaways, videos and more. It’s also a great place to ask us a question or have a chat with other kawaii fans.

Facebook is the most popular but they’re all about the money so most of you don’t even see our posts and giveaways get hidden from almost everyone. If you do want to keep up with our Facebook posts, either click More under our cover image and Add to Favourites or make sure to like and comment on our posts so that Facebook will show you more.

Pinterest is where we share images from each day’s posts. We don’t use Pinterest a lot at the moment but we might try and increase that since a lot of you use it.

We don’t (yet!) share our own videos on YouTube, but we’re on there and have a few playlists if you’re looking for something cute to watch. You can also check out all the kawaii channels we subscribe to, to find some new favourites.

Come and say hello!

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