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Yozo Craft Stationery Review

Posted on September 19, 2016 by

One of the toughest things about running SCK is all the cute products I see that I want to buy! Yozo Craft have been one of our oldest sponsors and looking through their site for things to feature ended up with me making my own purchase. Here’s a look at what I bought.


This pretty notebook is what pushed me into ordering as I haven’t seen it anywhere else. The muted colours, mountain and hydrangeas reminded me so strongly of my most recent Japan trip and I thought it would be perfect for planning out my next Japan book and future trips.


Even cooler, it’s bound with string and includes both white and black paper so I can also use my metallic paints. There are 4 notebooks in this series and I kind of wish I’d got the others too as they’re only $4.99 each.


Since I was ordering, I also got a couple of Mindwave sticker packs that were on my wishlist. Carrying on the Japan theme is this Mt Fuji set that has a textured washi style finish. There’s a whole series of them with lucky cats, Buddhas, onigiri, sushi and more, but I was very drawn to the worried looking Fujis. You get 50 stickers in ten designs and the packaging is really cute too.


And who can resist Mr Cheese! He’s a slice of American cheese with a bit of a Gudetama influence, lazily flopping over bread and burgers or snoozing inside gratins and cheesecake. All the designs are hilarious and you get 70 stickers so I can share some of the extras.


Overall, I was pleased with my order. Shipping is quite slow, but affordable, and everything arrived in perfect condition. Yozo Craft have a huge range of stationery, stickers, washi tape, craft supplies and zakka so I’m sure I’ll be ordering again.

(While Yozo Craft currently advertise on SCK, this is not a sponsored post and products were purchased with my own money. All photos are my own.)

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