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Naoshi’s Ice Cream Work

Posted on August 17, 2016 by

ice cream work naoshi

Japanese artist Naoshi‘s art is colourful, kawaii and a little bit surreal, and even more impressive when you find out it’s made with sand! It’s called Sunae and involves filling in areas on sticky paper with colourful sand. You can watch Naoshi in action in this video.


Naoshi has a new book of work available called Ice Cream Work, which follows the adventures of Ice Cream Man throughout a working week where he turns up at a birthday party, in sunflower fields, on the golf course and more.

ice cream work naoshi

Each spread is full of clever little details and bright contrasting colours and patterns. It would be really easy to forget all these details are painstakingly made with sand if it wasn’t for the texture. If you love colourful art, food and nature, this is well worth adding to your bookshelf as you’ll be sure to find something new every time you pick it up.

ice cream work naoshi

Ice Cream Work is published by Overcup Press and can be ordered online for $14.99 or through your favourite book store.


If you fancy giving Sunae a try, Naoshi also sells kits in her Etsy shop alongside prints, originals, t-shirts and more. This reminds me that I have a kit I’ve never used so I’ll have a go soon and post the results on Instagram.

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