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Sweet Marshmallows

Posted on June 2, 2016 by

There’s something so cute about fluffy squishy marshmallows and here’s a few I’ve spotted recently.


If you want to cheer up a friend, send them a package of happy marshmallow flumps from the Whimsical Cake Company.


Trying to cut down on the sweet stuff? This little marshmallow charm by Happy Clay Creations will make you think twice before tucking in.


If you want a fluffy marshmallow that’s big enough to hug, then Plusheez has you sorted with their adorable plushies.


Who knew scratch and sniff stickers still existed?! These ones at Cranky Cakes Shop smell like marshmallow and look super cute too.


And finally, relax in a marshmallow scented bath with these handmade bubble bath bombs by Amberose.

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