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Kawaii Stickers From M.Autio

Posted on June 20, 2016 by

You’d think I’d be all shopped out after 3 weeks in Japan but I’m already eyeing up more of M.Autio‘s amazing selection of stickers. Here’s a few favourites I might have to add to my collection.


This is so great – a sticker set to make your own gashapon capsule machine and claw grabber, complete with prizes! I want the Space Panda game to be real.


Also amazing, a happy bakery of animal bread! The stickers are glittery too, for extra kawaii.


You’ll need a bear latte to go with that! Look at the bear cream collapsing all over the cake.


I would love to visit this Takoyaki restaurant, even though an octopus serving octopus dumplings feels all kinds of wrong.


And finally cats, because cats.

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