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Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery Review

Posted on February 5, 2016 by

You might remember back in December we had a giveaway with Cool Pencil Case for some super cute San-X stationery. We were planning to run a review alongside but sadly the package disappeared somewhere over the Atlantic! Cool Pencil Case kindly sent over another so here’s my belated review. We’ve also got a discount code for you at the end!

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

Here’s what I found inside – the same items as the giveaway prize, all featuring my favourite San-X characters. To be exact, Sumikko Gurashi scalloped washi tape, magnetic bookmarks, mechanical pencil and mini memo pad with erasers, plus Rilakkuma clear stickers. Apologies in advance for the photos – the weather has not been helpful recently.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

I was most excited about these magnetic bookmarks, as I’m a big reader and also planning furiously for my Japan trip in May. They snap together over the page so you can use them on any side and they won’t fall out or damage the paper. They even have an arrow at the bottom so you can mark specific things. There are three bookmarks in a pack, each with adorable designs on both sides and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of these.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

I was also happy to finally see some scalloped washi tape in person. I buy the usual sort regularly but have yet to pick up any of these with cut out designs. The packaging is so cute as well – I haven’t been able to throw it out.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

It’s so fun how the design is cut out and would be great for decorating things around the house. One thing to note is that this is the delicate thin type of washi tape – it removes really easily so great for craft projects, but I wouldn’t use it to seal a parcel unless you were hand delivering it. I will be hoarding it away in my tape box!

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

More Sumikko Gurashi – I love them so much! This mini memo pad set features the Tapioca characters, who are left behind in your bubble tea. You get four cute notepads in different designs that are great for little notes.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

This is the cutest page with all the minor characters – when is that laundry ghost getting a whole range? There are six teeny weeny erasers in the set too – look at their little legs! You can find more designs of this memo pad set online too including one with my favourites, Zassou the weed and Hokkori the dust ball.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

I couldn’t get a lot of detail shots of the mechanical pencil, but it’s great quality and covered in cute illustrations, even on the clip. This is from the sushi range and features Shirokuma polar bear as sushi on the top.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

And now for some Rilakkuma with clear gummy stickers. How much do I want to visit the Rilakkumarket? Everything on here is amazing and there are so many cute details.

Cool Pencil Case San-X Stationery

I think the drinks are my favourites. This sticker range also features a space set, plus Sumikko Gurashi and Sentimental Circus designs.

Watch on YouTube

Want a closer look at all this? Our lucky giveaway winner Leticia made an unboxing video so check it out!

You can browse the full range of San-X stationery at Cool Pencil Case.

Updated 2021: This shop is now closed – use our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide instead.

(Review items were provided by Cool Pencil Case but this is my honest review and all photos are my own)


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    OMG those stickers! I need all of this for writing my pen pals! <3

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    February 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    wow the stickers and the pen *w*

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