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Hamee Strapya World Valentine Sale

Posted on January 28, 2016 by

Hamee Strapya World have a pretty great Valentine Sale running at the moment with up to 30% off 168 items. Here’s my top 5 picks.

hamee strapya world

Even on sale, this set of Totoro nesting dolls is almost $50 but it’s so amazing! I love the tiny acorn and soot sprites at the end.

hamee strapya world

We’ve posted about these Deco Latte sheets a few times on SCK and you can get 10 sheets in cute Rilakkuma designs for just $5.50. I actually ordered some so we can try them out for you.

hamee strapya world

Most of the Neko Atsume products are in the sale, including plush, cups, bags and these cool 3-way charms featuring all your favourite cats.

hamee strapya world

There are tons of sweet squishies in the sale including a big pile of adorable Hello Kitty food designs. Hello Kitty ice cream anyone?

hamee strapya world

And finally, plushies! There are some giant Rilakkumas at over $100 (sob!) but more affordably are these little San-X plush with all our favourite characters. They can be used as screen cleaners or just stack them up to look super kawaii.

Check out the Sale section to see everything and make sure to shop before February 16th get the sale prices. Hamee Strapya World have very affordable worldwide shipping and my last order arrived in a week!

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