SCK Awards 2015 – Nominations are open!

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We had a lot of fun doing the SCK Awards last year so let’s do it again and find out who you think are the cutest characters, brands, shops, makers and bloggers of 2015.

SCK Awards

Last year we just did a straight vote, but this time we’re adding in an extra round for nominations. You can add up to 5 suggestions for each category and then we’ll do a final round of voting, where you choose a winner from the top 5-10 choices.

Nominations are now open! (Form is now closed)

Just fill in the form and tell us who you’re nominating for each category. We’ll be closing nominations in mid-January so, since you can add up to 5 choices, take some time to think of your favourites. Here’s the categories:

Favourite Kawaii Character
The 2014 winners were Rilakkuma, Pusheen and Alpacasso but there are loads to choose from including SCK faves like Sumikko Gurashi, Totoro, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Wooly,  Molang, Domo-kun and Meowchi.

Favourite Kawaii Brand
This is any company that creates a collection of characters or kawaii products. The 2014 winners were character brands Sanrio, San-X and Tokidoki but you could also choose any kind of kawaii brand like Rement, Iwako, Ghibli or Tony Moly.

Favourite Online Kawaii Shop
Where do you love to shop online? The 2014 winners were Blippo, Shana Logic and Tofu Cute but you can check out our Shopping Guide for more favourites.

Favourite Kawaii Store
A real life store where you shop in person. I know not everyone has one in their country and if so you can either leave it blank or nominate shops you’d most like to visit. The 2014 winners were Sanrio stores, Artbox and Tofu Cute with Paperchase and Daiso getting lots of votes too.

Favourite Kawaii Designer/Maker or Artist
These should be Etsy sellers or other independent artists/illustrators who sell their own creations that they’ve made or designed. The 2014 winners were Maqaroon, Twinkie Chan and Milk Chocolate Dream but have a look at our Cute Shop Alert for more ideas.

Favourite Kawaii Blog / Tumblr / Website
Other than Super Cute Kawaii, where do you like to visit on the web to see cute stuff? It could be a personal or art blog, a web comic or an all-round kawaii website. The 2014 winners were Twinkie Chan, Rainbowholic, Kawaii or Die and you can check our Super Cute Sites page for more ideas.

Favourite Kawaii YouTube Channel
Which videos do you love to watch? This could be a personal vlog, crafty tutorials or anything else. The 2014 winners were The Hollycopter, Sweetorials and Maqaroon or have a look at which channels SCK subscribes to on YouTube for more ideas.

Favourite Kawaii Game or App
This could be a Nintendo game like Animal Crossing, a mobile game like Neko Atsume or even a cute app. This is a new category, but you can check our Games & Apps posts for ideas.

Most Kawaii Product of 2015
Another new category to see what products you most want to buy – this can be something you bought or something on your wishlist, maybe a plush toy, a t-shirt or a subscription box. Be specific and include the character/design – eg a Rilakkuma plush, a Japan Candy Box or a Pusheen kigurumi. Our Giveaways and Most Wanted posts might jog your memory.

Most Kawaii Person of 2015
An individual who represents kawaii to you – it could be a maker, model, blogger, musician, business owner etc. The 2014 winners were Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Twinkie Chan and Princess Peachie but who has inspired you to be super cute this year?

Got some ideas? NOMINATE YOUR FAVOURITES (Form is now closed)

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