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Cute Cards For Mother’s Day

Posted on March 5, 2015 by

Did you know Mother’s Day is celebrated on over 30 different dates, depending on which country you’re in? Since we’re in the UK, we usually do a round-up in March, but be sure to bookmark these cute cards for later in the year, or just get yourself organised super early.


I love the crocheted bunny on this card by Boobellini. It’s an extra special touch for your mum and there are personalised versions available too.

shawna x

If your mum’s a bit more foxy, how about this colourful card by shawna x.

Paula & Waffle

I noticed a lot of bunnies this year, which is always fine by me. This card by Paula & Waffle is so sweet.

My Zoetrope

MyZoetrope always has an adorable new card for every occasion and these deer are super cute.


And finally, a donut card from The Woods Avenue – what a cute pair!

You can find more Mother’s Day picks & DIYs in our archives.

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