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Loads of you voted, and the winners were announced live on Twitter and on Facebook, so here’s the full results.



Rilakkuma was a clear winner here, followed by everyone’s favourite fat cat Pusheen and those adorable Alpacassos.



Sanrio‘s Hello Kitty and friends are your favourite brand, closely followed by oddball rivals San-X, home of Rilakkuma, and the super colourful Tokidoki characters.



Blippo‘s free shipping and big range of your favourite kawaii characters, candy and magazines, plus the subscription Kawaii Box, made them a clear winner.

Runner-up Shana Logic‘s commitment to supporting indie artists and makers is as awesome as the cute things they sell.

And in third place is Tofu Cute, a godsend for UK kawaii shoppers, with all the latest kawaii plush and fun candy kits, plus a real store too.



With hundreds of locations around the globe, it’s no surprise that most voters’ favourite local place to shop for kawaii is a Sanrio store.

Runner-up Artbox is a must-visit if you’re ever in London. The store might be tiny, but it’s packed full of kawaii and looks like a bus from the outside!

Another third placing for Tofu Cute, who only recently opened their doors in Portsmouth. It already looks like the cutest, pink-est shop ever!



Maqaroon‘s sweet jewellery came tops for independent makers, closely followed by star crocheter Twinkie Chan, and the decoden creations of our very own Frainy at Milk Chocolate Dream.

This category had a huge amount of nominations and it was great to see just how many hard-working makers you love. While we did manage to find 3 winners, it was very close and I’ll be going through all the shops that were voted for to feature the best ones later.



Your top blogger is Twinkie Chan who shares her cute outfits, purchases and crafty life alongside her crochet creations. Second is Rainbowholic, where Kaila Ocampo blogs about her kawaii life and travels. And the bronze goes to Kawaii Or Die, the ‘perpetually cute life of a sugar junkie’, Jamie Sucre.

Lots of other great blogs got nominated too, so it’s probably time to update the SCK blogroll.



Your favourite YouTube channel is TheHollycopter where Holly posts her kawaii makes, hauls, reviews and more. Collaborative craft channel Sweetorials came second, while Maqaroon‘s adorable creations gave her third place.



This category was a bit of a fiasco, as the locations weren’t always clear. Lesson learned. Which Comic Con exactly was most popular, we’ll never know, but the Comic Con brand put on your favourite events worldwide. Hyper Japan came a close second, quite an achievement for the UK-only event, and third place went to LA’s Hello Kitty Con, which I think we all would have liked to visit.



No-one can deny Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the epitome of kawaii – her outfits, music and videos all scream kawaii, plus she’s even the official Kawaii Ambassador of Harajuku. Here’s some of the reasons you thought she should win:

Her music videos are super cute. The outfits, hairstyles and just everything! I think she looks natural but still kawaii >3<

She’s adorable and has ridiculously catchy songs

I was introduced to kawaii fashion by pictures of her on tokyofashion, and then i looked her up and she has been my favourite artist since. in 2014 her album pika pika fantajin came out and i love the lyrics and how she has developed her image.

Kyary should win because she’s funny, cute, sweet and totally kawaii!!! I love her outfits and her style.

She represent all things kawaii, like her fashion, personality and music!

She has the most kawaii outfits and toured with a giant teddy bear!

My dreams came true when I got to see her live in London for her Nanda Collection tour! The show was amazing and her outfits were really cute as usual.

I love Harajuku fashion so I was fascinated by her music videos, also her songs are kawaii. I love her for the confidence she has in her clothes which is ordinarily difficult to carry, reminds one of cosplay.

She is literally the cutest. She doesn’t care what people think of her and wears whatever the heck she wants. She’s original, amazing, and the kawaii-est of all!!!! <3

twinkie chan

Losing out by just one vote was Twinkie Chan, who as your favourite blogger and second-favourite maker, has pretty much cleaned up in these awards! Look out for a special interview with her tomorrow, where you can find out more about her creative life and see how she reacted to your comments. UPDATE: go read the interview!

princess peachie

And in third place, the super cute Princess Peachie, kawaii fashion and lifestyle YouTuber. Here’s some of your comments:

She is an inspiration and shines happiness, joy and love everywhere she goes and looks super cute while doing so.

Peachie is the Princess of kawaii! She is so energetic and encouraging to her viewers and always make the most fun (and cute) videos!

She’s extremely positive, wears the cutest clothes, and collects retro kawaii toys. Plus she even worked at a maid café recently! I don’t know anybody more positive than her, and for me “kawaii” is all about positivity.

I started watching her videos just recently and she’s actually the one that finally inspired me to get into kawaii fashion and the like. She’s a really positive influence; she encourages everyone that no matter what anyone can be cute. I really think she deserves to win!

Princess Peachie is probably one of the most amazing kawaii lovers out there. She is a lolita and is surrounded by cute things all the time, she even works at a maid cafe! I think she deserves to win because even though she sometimes can’t leave her house due to her chronic illness, she still wears lolita and enjoys all the kawaii things she owns.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you all for voting. What did you think of the results?

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    Paisley W.

    Whoa my comment got used aha! This was really useful for me to find new shops and blogs ^_^

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    Excited to see that others too voted for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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    Congrats to all the winners!

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    So awesome, congratulations to all the winners. :D

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    so many cute winners! i <3 it all!

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    Hollycopter Hooray!

  7. Tracy avatar

    Sanrio is my favorite too!

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    Vicky Tran

    I didn’t get to vote but I like the results.•.•

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      Same! I love kawaii . I noticed most of the things were sanrio, which I like a lot!

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