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Kawaii Bento Accessories From JBox

Posted on September 17, 2014 by

With Summer just about over, everyone is heading back to college and work and maybe you’re hoping to cute up your lunch options? I used to make bento box lunches a lot when I had a full-time job, but now I work from home I just covet lots of cute kitchenware! If you’ve got your bento box, here’s some fun accessories from JBox/JList to take lunch to the next level (of cuteness)!


This cutter set comes with four cutters and tools so you can make animal-shaped everything! You could make a bear-shaped sandwich with ham and cheese, or cut up bunny and frog-shaped vegetables for decorations.


These egg moulds really work and make boiled eggs way more fun. I have a bunny one but Rilakkuma would be even cuter.


You can use this rice mould set to make shaped rice and then the cutters to make a cute animal face wrap of cheese or meat in four kawaii designs.


Hello Kitty sausages anyone? Although it’s designed for Japanese mini wieners, you could use it for any small hot dog or cooked sausage. It comes with cute picks too.


And finally, some cute plastic bottles to store your sauce or dressings. This set even comes with a holder and funnel for easing filling.

Do you make bento lunches? Are there more aspects of making bento you’d like us to cover? Check out the new Home Cute Home category for older posts.

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