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Le Bun’s Christmas Gift Guide: Printable Cards

Posted on December 18, 2013 by

Bonjour mes amis! I hope you are all prepared for Noël. If you have fogotten to buy ze cute cards, then do not be worrying as I have found for you many kawaii cards that can be printed yourself so no need to be waiting for ze postman. Many of them are free too!

Let us start with ze festive alpacas, a free download from Kao-ani!


Also free, a set of four cute card designs and tags aussi, by Missy Kulik.


I hope mon presents are as cute as these! Another free card by Creative Mamma.


Zis polar bear, he looks tres cosy. You can buy him, and many more designs from Happy Cat Printables.


Et finallement, Turtles Soup have many of ze kawaii and pop culture cards to download including Totoro!

PS. Have you entered mon giveaway with Sophie & Toffee? I pick ze winner next week. Bonne chance!

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