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Ghost-its at Fallindesign

Posted on October 11, 2012 by

I can rarely resist a cute ghost, especially in the form of sticky notes so I had to buy these translucent Ghost-its (tee hee). They’re even cuter in person and I will never ever use them.

I got them from Fallindesign, a web shop specialising in Korean brands. Here’s a few other things I fancy.

A cat clock! I wouldn’t actually use this either but so cute! They also have bunny and penguin versions.

There’s tons of stationery including these animal pens. That monkey with bananas on his head is kind of amazing.

And loads of cute masking tape too, in cool designs.

If I still worked at a desk I would totally justify buying an animal friend wrist rest for my poor RSI arm. I like that they also suggest using these for a quick desk nap!

Prices and shipping are pretty reasonable and my Ghost-its arrived really quickly and in perfect condition so I definitely recommend a purchase!

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