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Bunny’s SCK Favourites

Posted on September 6, 2012 by

Here’s some of my favourite finds from the last 4 years of SCK!

One of my very first posts was a Wish List including this super adorable buttered toast phone holder at From Japan With Love. Sadly no-one bought it for me and it’s one of just two things from SCK I have regular regrets about not buying. The other is the Snowman Solitaire game from Paperchase. If you ever see either of those, email me pronto!

One of the best things about writing for SCK is sharing the amazing things my internet pals make. I’ve long been a fan of Nerderella and it was great to finally share her crazy bunnies with you. My own Oooew Bunny is still a regular source of amusement.

I also love watching folks we feature go on to mega success. We’ve featured Claire Belton’s unique brand of kawaii with Cute Plush, Everyday Cute, Hey Chickadee and of course Pusheen. The Pusheen dress-up games were always a must-post – sadly they’re no longer online.

Over the years, I think we have proved that Japan will take pretty much anything and make it cute. I think my favourite discovery was Ahochan, a kawaii Axolotyl!

And something fun to finish off – the pencil hedgehog! Cute, funny and useful too!

So, anyone else got any tales of kawaii they wish they’d bought?

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