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Celeste’s Kawaii Kitchen

Posted on July 4, 2012 by

Bonjour to you mes amis! It is I, Celeste! Jean-Claude, he is most tired from his exertions bringing you all the giveaways so I am showing to you some cute things for your kitchen!

Mon Dieu! The Hello Kitty sushi is so cute and tasty, oui? You can make this with the Hello Kitty sushi maker. You can find this on many sites.

Measuring spoons are tres important when baking le gateaux – these fruit designs from JList are adorable!

Moustache sandwiches! Maybe I will make these for Jean-Claude? Available from Modcloth.

And do not forget to be cleaning your kitchen! The banana sponges from Japanistic will make it not so dull.

Do you have the kawaii kitchen? I hope you like my picks. Bisous!

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