Popin’ Cookin’

Have you heard of Popin’ Cookin’? It’s the latest madness from Japan – kits to make tiny food that you can actually eat! The mind boggles. How they taste I do not really want to know, but if you are braver than me, From Japan With Love have a few ranges available including cupcakes, donuts and bento boxes. There’s also some videos over at I Heart Japan.

What do you reckon – cute or crazy?

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7 Responses to Popin’ Cookin’

  1. Patty

    so cool because on ebay they mostly sell the ones that is not edible. Thanks for posting!

  2. plushpussycat

    Very cute–like everything from Japan!

  3. sassyNpunk

    Oooh those are adorable! I just bought some for my store. Thanks for the tip ;)


  4. Kate

    Definitely cute!

  5. Tina

    Such cuteness!

  6. Sonny

    So, in other words, it’s like doll food but for actual people?

  7. Chicki Vicky

    Poppin cookin is great fun to make but it like eating coloured sugar paste with dry wafers.My little boy thought it was rather tasty though. Got mine from CyberCandy a couple of years ago.

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