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It’s time for another peek into our kawaii crystal ball – this time I have cute musical accessories!

For instance, how about a cute Gloomy Bear keyring speaker? Not sure you can trust him not to claw your mp3 player to death though.

Or you could ask Doraemon the robot cat to sit on your desk and sing your tunes for you?

Hello Kitty gets everywhere so of course there are Hello Kitty earbuds. Nice pastel colours too for ultimate girliness.

If earbuds aren’t your style then these old-skool Gachapin headphones are pretty amazing.

But I’m definitely in the earbud camp, especially if they look like these! Top of my Tokyo shopping list for sure. I think I’m going to need one in every colour.

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Future Kawaii is a peek into wholesale Japanese kawaii catalogues – these products should be available to buy in the next month or two but we don’t where they might be stocked. Try our guide to The Best Kawaii Shops Worldwide.

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  1. kawaii-girl avatar

    Aw, I love those, the Gloomy bears are so cute and doraemon too. the Hello Kitty earbuds are really pretty….super pretty. ^^*

  2. Nic avatar

    Aaaaah! I will be scouring all of Japan til I find those Mamegoma earbuds!! WANT WANT WANT!!!

  3. felice avatar

    wow it really cute did you by any chance sell the doraemon singing tunes ??
    and if you sell it how much does it cost ? :)

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